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Welcome to famesmalaysia.com, your go-to online media platform for discovering local trends in Malaysia and Singapore! We are dedicated to assisting local businesses and brands in gaining recognition through a range of services tailored to meet your needs.

f you wish to introduce or showcase your business, brand, product, or event, look no further. Here’s a glimpse of what we can offer:

Feature Write-Up

Our concise and direct feature write-up entails a 500-word article introducing your business or brand. We also include up to 5 images of your choice, along with links to your website and social media platforms.

Content Marketing (Advertorials)

Experience the creative twist of our advertorials, which are 500-800-word write-ups crafted with original and engaging angles to captivate a broader audience.

Reviews (Products & Services)

Let us try your product or service and craft a compelling review that will enhance your brand’s visibility, helping you gain broader brand awareness.


Participate in our public-voted Top 10 lists, and secure an exclusive Special Recommendation spot for added visibility and recognition among our audience.


Enlist our help in creating tailored content for your website and social media platforms, alleviating the burden of ideation and content creation from your shoulders.

Blog Management

Maintaining a blog section on your website can be burdensome without dedicated resources. Let us alleviate this pressure by crafting engaging content based on your ideas and information, leaving you with the simple task of posting it.

Excited to discover more about our services or have other ideas in mind? Reach out to us at webmaster@femesmalaysia.com to learn more. Let’s collaborate to amplify your brand’s presence and reach!