Huza and The Yujo

Huza and The Yujo – “Pemilik”: A Riveting Fusion of Music and Visions

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Huza and The Yujo – “Pemilik” Single

Huza and The Yujo

Huza and The Yujo - Pemilik Single

If the music realm has a flavor, Huza and The Yujo is serving it with their unique blend of rhythmic harmony and captivating lyrics. In their latest release, titled “Pemilik,” the band narrates a compelling musical story that captures hearts while immersing listeners in a profound lyrical journey.

Led by the captivating voice of Huza Tahir, the members of The Yujo have crafted a beautiful piece that stands out in the music industry. 

Tahir’s significant contributors include Andy Irwandy on first guitar, Yin on bass, Adi on second guitar, Eman manning the keyboard, Adeep on strings, and Sam rocking on the drums.

This diversified blend of talents synergizes to produce music that creates an unforgettable auditory experience.

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“Pemilik” doesn’t just resonate in the realm of music but extends its illustriousness into its music video production. 

Averpro Production owning the crown for the video production amplifies the musical allure. The record label, CQ Music Malaysia Sdn Bhd, adds another feather to its cap with this track.

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In the “Pemilik” music video, director Huza Tahir weaves visuals that align with the melodious rhythm forming an enchanting tapestry. 

Actors Samarina Tolhip and Siti Zawawi grace the screen, enhancing the video’s narrative vibe under the guidance of assistant director Ishak Hasimi, who also adds a touch of visual effects magic.

Huza Tahir’s additional role as video editor enriches the visual content, finalizing it with a polish that matches the musical brilliance. 

The crew, including the talented makeup artist Iffah & Chenta Cycilous and skilled cameramen Sai & Syafiq, have significantly contributed to the remarkable production. 

The team behind the scenes, namely Azrol, Oong, and Fairol, help to seamlessly put the show together.

“Pemilik” by Huza and The Yujo isn’t just a track; it’s an audio-visual symphony that fascinates listeners and viewers. 

The band’s outstanding line-up, intricate production, and lyrical prowess offer an unforgettable journey through the magic of music and storytelling.

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They stay ahead of the curve by constantly improving their music brand visibility and making every effort to ensure their site appears in search results for music lovers everywhere. 

By doing so, they are composing their own melody in the music industry, one chord at a time.

Join Huza and his band the Yujo in their musical journey, let their band song echo in your playlist, and immerse yourself in their beautifully orchestrated symphony.